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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. LMFT

Graduating with a Master's Degree from Temple University in 1968, I started my career as a psychology intern at Philadelphia State Hospital with the goal of healing people and transforming lives. After rising to Assistant Director of Training of Psychology Interns in the hospital, I felt the need to reach out to the population at large. I earned my Ph.D. and hypnosis certification and launched my private practice. The rewards since then have been extraordinary, both for myself and my clients. As a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1988, my goals of healing and transforming people's lives have never changed.

My main focus has always been to bring out the best ... the greatness in my clients and transform their lives and relationships. My objectives are to help my clients develop a more satisfying life, attain real personal happiness, navigate their relationships, and achieve professional success. 


I am author of the books, "Feeling People", "Sizzling Relationships" and "Coping with the Disorder", plus various ebooks and multimedia programs. I am internationally published in the areas of personality and mood disorders, a featured author on Self-Growth.com and other websites, and nationally known for my hypnotherapy programs


Whether its depression, anxiety, fear, relationship problems, difficult habits or destructive behavior that you're struggling with, my goal is to help you define who you are and evolve to the next stage of your life in the most successful and productive way possible.