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Meet Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.

Ask me "What do you do?" and I will answer, "I make great people and change lives".


As Founder of PsychotherapyHELP with over 40 years experience, I provide the expertise, support and direction to help you solve your most important issues, create more intimacy in your relationships, deal with crisis, and achieve optimum well-being. I understand what you are going through. I offer a safe environment for you to heal and move on to create a more joyful, extraordinary life. With my knowledge of how early emotional pain and trauma impacts decision-making and personal issues, I create a therapy approach that is best suited to your needs, lifestyle, proclivities and ultimate goals. Together, we connect the dots and put your issues to rest.

I am a Califoria license Marriage and Family Therapist and helping individuals change their lives is my top priority. My early career began as a psychology intern at Philadelphia State Hospital treating the mental ill. Moving on to Assistant Director of Training at the hospital, I taught entering psychology interns and Ph.D. Candidates. Feeling the need to reach out and make a difference outside of hospital boundaries, I left that sector for private practice. Since then, the rewards have been extraordinary, both for my clients and myself.

In running a practice, I authored the books, "Feeling People", "Sizzling Relationships" and Coping with the Disorder", plus various ebooks and media programs. I am internationally recognized in the areas of personality and mood disorders, and nationally known for my hypnotherapy programs. My resources have allowed me to make my expertise available and touch the lives of those around the world. 

No matter where you are in your life right now, I can help you understand, cope, and resolve those issues that you are struggling with. Whether its depression, anxiety, fear, relationship issues, addictions, stress, insomnia, or dealing with a crisis, my goal is to help you define who you are and evolve to the next stage of your life in the most successful and productive way possible.




Eliminate the barriers and self-defeating behaviors
that keep you from getting what you want!

    Eliminate the barriers and self-defeating behaviors that keep you from getting what you want out of life and your relationships. It all starts with words and learning how to communicate. Learn to reshape the underlying causes of behavior and change the negative situations you are in. Knowledge is power and change is just one strategy away.


    Hypnosis is an amazing healing tool that harnesses the curative power of your subconscious mind. It has been used for centuries to heal many emotional, physical and mental disorders. Each session is an easy, relaxing experience that will release you from your limitations, and tap into your deep, natural, healing resources. 


    Uniquely different from traditional one-dimensional talk therapy, Deep Feeling Therapy is a multi-dimensional approach. Utilizing music, talking and strategic exercises, it allows for the full expression of deeply buried hurts and emotions so that long-standing disorders are resolved and healed at the most profound, core level.


    Ecstatic Meditation is designed to strengthen, heal and transform your inner dialogue. In fact, meditation has been healing people and transforming lives for over 5,000 years. That is why I have included meditation as part of my therapy program. Use it to help you during times of stress and where self-contemplation is needed.


    E-Therapy and Teletherapy has proven its success as a highly effective, creative, and powerful form of therapy. Virtual  psychotherapy is the most convenient therapy available, without any need for relocating to attend an appointment in person.  Stay in the privacy of  your home or office, allowing time to compose and reflect on your messages and responses, with the added bonus of having a record of communication to review and process whenever needed.

  • LIFE

    Facing challenges that seem larger than you imagined? Dealing with day-to-day events that need a new twist or a change of perspective that you can’t seem to think of?  Or, does something feel off  and like you’re not going in the right direction or being the best version of yourself?  These are just some of life's challenges that Life Coaching can help you work through.

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