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Therapy Programs, and Life Coaching

to Match your Needs and Goals.

Cognitive Therapy
Congnitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles


Start at the Beginning


"Change your Thinking, Change your Life" - Self-defeating behavior and negative thinking can hold you back from getting what you want out of life and your relationships. It all starts with words and how you talk to your self. Negative self talk can create symptoms of depression, anxiety and anger, while wreaking havoc on personal and professional relationships. 

Has life has become overwhelming?
Has anxiety or depression replaced your joy?
Does something deep inside feel out of order?

If whatever you have been doing to "fix" your situations or problems have not worked, it's time to seek therapy. Together, we can replace what's not working with effective and productive approaches that get the results you want. 


Learning what is going on inside of you and communicating that in a clear, real way are the initial goals of therapy. Awareness and understanding will put the pieces of your emotional puzzle together and define the internal struggles that cry for resolution.  Therapy is is like a GPS; it defines the direction you need to go in while avoiding the "roadblocks" that have stood in your way. Even if you are seeking help for a partner, awareness of how your dynamics play into your relationship is the key to healing. 


Once you begin to know and understand your "self" and behavior more, you will learn how to reshape old thought patterns,  replace ineffective behavior, and change the negative situations you are in. Knowledge is the power to action change and therapy is the key to unlocking it. 


With therapy, your emotional, relationship, marriage, spiritual, family and career issues can be resolved with powerful strategies individualized to best suit your needs and goals. 



Moving Beyond the Boundaries


Over the past 40 years, I have perfected an incredibly effective, consciousness healing technique that blends hypnosis, creative visualization, deep focusing, and guided imagery. Its healing capacity goes beyond psychotherapy and coaching. Tapping into the deep healing resources of your mind, this easy, relaxing and pleasurable experience will change the very way you do and see things ... and the very nature of how you feel and relate to others.

Self-limiting behavior, obsessions, relationship problems, fear, unhappiness, addictions, anxiety, poor performance, lack of focus, depression, insomnia, health issues, physical pain and more, can be eliminated easily with hypnosis. Become a magnet for positive, success and abundance by unleashing the power of your subconscious mind.


Hypnosis has been used for centuries as a curative tool for many physical and mental disorders and is an amazing healing tool that harnesses the curative power of your subconscious mind. Each session is an easy, relaxing, pleasurable experience that will take you out of the superficial, release you from your limitations, and tap into the deep, natural, healing resources within.


Close your eyes and experience relief NOW, with a simple click below...


Click to experience "Instant Relief" - an 8 minute deep relaxation Hypnosis program. Sit back, relax and enjoy the transformative feeling of the integrated method used in hypnosis sessions.

"Feel Great" is the first part of one of my most powerful and best selling hypnosis programs to eliminate and manage stress and anxiety. Click to purchase "Feel Great" from our Online Store.

Hynotherapy in Los Angeles
Deep Feeling Therapy
Deep Feeling Therapy in Los Angeles

DEEP FEELING THERAPY: Healing at a Profound Level


Utilizing music, talking and strategic exercises, Deep feeling Therapy allows for the full expression of deeply buried hurts and emotions so that long-standing disorders are resolved and healed at the most profound, core level. It allows your words to develop into feelings to unlock the joy of the real human spirit and create change in a relatively short period of time.


Personality and mood disorders change as buried emotions (tears, cries, screams, anger, and joy) are expressed and years of repression are released. The feeling of "being disconnected" diminishes and integration/wholeness of self is achieved. Depression, anxiety, fear, timidness, and self-doubt disappear as you become more emotionally grounded. Once the upper emotional layers are worked through, you will settle down to a continuous steady cleansing of deeper levels of feeling.


Gradually through the use of music evocation, deep breathing, sound expression, free association, and my guidance, the more authentic, healing parts of your "self" emerge.

Life now goes through rapid changes as you become more assertive, happy, self-confident and real.


Deep Feeling Therapy is for those individuals who are highly motivated to explore buried, repressed feelings and feel comfortable to re-experiencing them in a full, cathartic way. The process begins slowly ... it starts where you are and unfolds at your pace. Our office is fully sound-proofed to protect your confidentiality. Click here to purchase my book, "Feeling People" through our Online Store.


for Daily Living


Don't know what's going on?

Is your mind is racing from one thought and project to another?

Have too much on your plate and don't know where to start?

Can't make a decision on what to focus on?

Stymied by what decision to make?


Well, there is an answer and it's called Ecstatic Meditation  - designed to strengthenheal and transform your inner dialogue.


Meditation has been healing people and transforming lives for over 5,000 years. That is why I have included meditation as part of my therapy program. Each meditation session is designed personally for you.  As the master of your inner world, it will help you during times of stress and where self-contemplation is needed. An mp3 is available with every meditation to foster your healing work at home, making it easy to initiate meditation wherever and whenever you want.


At times, I will introduce guided imagery and hypnotic suggestions geared specifically to your goals during the meditation session. Listening to your meditations between sessions will catapult your unconscious to move in the healing direction that you want.

Distracting thoughts disappear and your focus and direction are restored. Simple, healing, relaxing and restorative.

Ecstatic Meditation
E-Therapy and Teletherapy
Virtual Therapy in Los Angeles


Teletherapy and E-Therapy


Busy schedules? Prefer the written word and contemplative time to compose your sessions via email? Want the convenience and privacy of therapy in your home or office? If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, then E-therapy and Teletherapy are the perfect choices for busy schedules, distant locations, privacy, and convenience. They are the lifelines in a busy world...

E-therapy is an affordable option that gives you the support and information that you need, 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. E-therapy allows you to submit one email of any length to me on those days at your convenience. Set your own pace. You can take time to compose, reflect on your responses and those of your therapist, and respond over the day. You will receive a well thought out, professional response within one business day, sometimes sooner.

E-therapy offers more ease of comfort, safety and privacy for those individuals who have difficulty opening up and talking about themselves in Teletherapy or on the phone. Messages are usually answered within 24 hours of receiving an email. If you feel that you are more honest, more uninhibited, and more expressive in writing, then E-therapy is the right choice.


Relax, sit down, and take a deep breath ... therapy is right there when you need it,

at the time best scheduled for you.

Teletherapy will help to relieve the instability, emotional pain, suffering, and delicate decision-making angst that you are going through. With support, those areas of your mind, body and psyche that have been impacted and hurt will be strengthened and empowered.

With Teletherapy, via HIPPA compliant Video Sessions, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed working through your emotional issues in the privacy of your own home or office. Finding a qualified therapist in your area is no longer a problem. Teletherapy brings my expertise to your location. Therapy sessions are scheduled at your time and offer total convenience. 

Relax, sit down, take a deep breath ... therapy is right there when you need it, at the time best scheduled for you. Teletherapy sessions simplify the therapy experience. Cognitive therapy, deep feeling therapy, hypnosis, meditation and coaching are possible through teletherapy.


Please note that E-therapy and Teletherapy sessions are to be scheduled and paid in advance of your appointments. 

Life Coaching


Facing challenges that seem larger than you imagined?  Dealing with day-to-day events that need a new twist or a change of perspective that you can’t seem to think of?  Or, does something feel off … you don’t feel like you’re going in the right direction or are the best version of yourself. So many questions … and you just don’t have the answers.

That’s where Life Coaching can help. I’m Reisa Hannig, Life Coach, and I help you find the answers within yourself. I make your brain work. I ask questions that will make you think beyond what you've thought of before.


Together, we will explore your issuesdevelop strategies, directions and new ways of thinking to dismantle the roadblocks that have held you back.


You will learn to grow, change and save your own day. There’s a hero in you that has all the answers. Let me help you get there one step at a time by providing the safety, guidance, input, and motivation you need with Life Coaching.

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Life Coaching in Los Angeles
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