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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. LMFT

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Prior to attending their first appointment, new patients must print and sign the following forms.

These forms must be submitted PRIOR to the first session (via mail or email).

Before Beginning Therapy


Before entering therapy, we request an autobiography. This is an excellent screening tool that gives us the opportunity to study your circumstances and family history before your session - a money and time saver for you. If you prefer, your autobiography can be emailed to us, as long as it arrives before your scheduled appointment day. If you have any objections to writing one, please let us know.

On paper or within an email, please describe the following:

  • Tell why you are seeking help at this time of your life.

  • Describe yourself, your family and present life situation.

  • Share your circumstances surrounding childhood: birth (emotional and physical dynamics), early and present day medical issues, where you were born and raised, relationships with your parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Describe key events (both positive and traumatic) and their impact on you. Include your childhood, teenage and adult years - with its love relationships, engagements, marriages, breakups, divorces, deaths, losses and gains.

  • If difficulties concern a minor or significant other living at home with you, please include as much information about that individual too. When did the behavior begin? Were there any events in his/her life that triggered its onset?

  • Give a brief occupational history and include descriptions concerning moods, anxiety and personality. Include any alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, and medications that you are presently taking.

  • Give a description of your cultural and spiritual background and history, if any. What religious or spiritual methods have you practiced or used?

To Ensure Confidentiality and Pre-Screening Assessments


To protect client confidentiality and abide by California licensing laws, clients must complete, sign, and submit our Initial Intake and Confidentiality Forms prior to the initial session.  For virtual appointment (i.e. E-Therapy and Teletherapy), forms can be emailed, or mailed to our address.

Session Pricing


Session pricing is available on our FAQ page. Please ask about our sliding fee scale.

All payments can be sent via Paypal to:

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