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Deep Feeling Therapy

Pursue Inner Wellness With Deep Feeling Therapy and Life Coaching in Los Angeles.

Deep feeling therapy promises to heal at a level that is at once profound and simple. Offered by Paul J. Hannig Ph.D. of PsychotherapyHELP, deep feeling therapy can help individuals to overcome mood and personality disorders that are buried beneath heavy and often complex emotions such as pain, anger, and sadness.

For most people, deep feeling therapy is a relatively new concept to wrap their minds around. A non-traditional technique that has been gaining popularity, deep feeling therapy allows us to use our words to develop and better understand the feelings within us. By working with a mental health professional at PsychotherapyHELP, clients can begin to peel back the layers of emotion that have settled overtop them. By peeling back layer after layer, individuals who undergo deep feeling therapy can begin to ground themselves until their best self emerges.

This style of therapy utilizes deep breathing techniques, sound association, free association, and music evocation as well as guidance from Paul himself. This is an ideal service for motivated individuals who want to peel away their feelings until they find the truth beneath them. This is a cathartic experience and more information can be found within Paul's book, 'Feeling People'.

Affordable Life Coaching in Los Angeles

PsychotherapyHELP was founded by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D., LMFT. A seasoned mental health professional, Paul has spent more than 40 years working in the field of therapy. A licensed marriage and family therapist, Paul underwent training as a psychology intern before landing the Assistant Director of Training job at Philadelphia State Hospital.

Whether individuals are dealing with anger, depression, or a crisis they are ill-equipped for, PsychotherapyHELP is there to provide support. Appointments can be booked online and paid for via PayPal. Additional services include life coaching, teletherapy, meditation, and CBT.

Every client deserves a safe, welcoming, and effective experience so pursue yours by contacting Paul from PsychotherapyHELP, today!

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