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E-Therapy and Teletherapy

Embrace the Benefits of E-Therapy and Teletherapy with PsychotherapyHELP.

If we can change the way that we think, then we can change the way that we live our lives. Cognitive therapy is an integral tool in the toolbox utilized by professional therapists around the world. Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. LMFT of PsychotherapyHelp has embraced e-therapy and teletherapy as well as the role of CBT to help his clients address their needs, find solutions to their inner turmoil, and better move forward with their lives.

For individuals who cannot attend therapy sessions through traditional in-person meetings, e-therapy and teletherapy provide a winning tool that can lead to tangible results. Let's explore how Paul J. Hannig of PsychotherapyHelp can provide support to those in need.

The Role of Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is all about restructuring the way that we think so that we can better move forward into the future. The negative thoughts that we sometimes have will creep up time and again, causing negative thinking to create problems in our life, work, and relationships. In addition to these social issues, negative thinking can lead to anxiety, anger, and even depression. When it all feels so overwhelming, help can be a simple call away with the right e-therapy and teletherapy.

Cognitive therapy can be practiced over the phone with a psychotherapist such as Paul Hannig. After undergoing multiple sessions with a professional, patients will learn what is going on inside of themselves that is creating tangible issues. Once understanding becomes deeper, it is possible to change ourselves, our behaviors, and the thought patterns that cause them.

With professional therapeutic solutions offered by PsychotherapyHelp, mental health and wellness are always available to those in need. Set up an initial session with PsychotherapyHelp today to begin the rewarding journey for yourself. Session payments can be made over PayPal through credit and check debit card.

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