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Hypnosis 101: Understanding the Role that Mental Health Wellness Can Play In Our Lives.

PsychotherapyHELP was founded by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. to offer winning mental health wellness solutions to those in need of them. After spending forty years working in the world of healthcare, Paul and his team at PsychotherapyHELP are prepared to provide support to those in need through a range of potential mental health services.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on the efficacy of hypnosis therapy, the role that it plays, and the benefits that can be expected from the service.

Hypnotherapy is a popular form of therapy that has been seen as wildly effective for providing healing to those who need it. Hypnotherapy as performed by PsychotherapyHelp involves the amalgamation of visualization, deep focus, guided imagery, and creativity.

We know that hypnosis has been revered as a curative tool for all manner of mental and physical conditions. It makes sense that now, after extensive research, we can use it in a medical setting to provide relaxing, pleasurable, and effective therapy.

Clients who have pursued the use of hypnotherapy have enjoyed progress addressing self-limiting behavior, relationship conflicts, unhappiness, and fear, as well as addiction and depression. To find out if hypnotherapy is the right solution, contact Paul at PsychotherapyHELP for a consultation!

Explore Mental Health & Wellness With PsychotherapyHELP

PsychotherapyHELP is committed to providing support for individuals in their pursuit of mental health and wellness. Paul J. Hannig has four decades of experience in the healthcare field and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Paul trained as a psychology intern at the Philadelphia State Hospital before working as the Assistant Director of Training at the same facility.

Paul uses a wide variety of tools to better serve his clients in their battle against depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, crisis, conflict, and more. Interested parties can enjoy teletherapy at their convenience by contacting Paul directly through the PsychotherapyHELP website.

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