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Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling: How Psychological Help Online Can Promote Mental Wellness.

Anxiety. Anger. Depression. Insomnia. Millions of people around the country are afflicted by conditions that impact their mental health. For so long, support for mental health counseling was hard to come by. Now, thanks to the internet and a push for mental health awareness, it is possible to find affordable, effective, and accessible psychological help online.

Today, we want to explore the benefits of mental health counseling as provided by the team at PsychotherapyHelp, founded by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.

Online Mental Health Counseling: Understanding the Process.

Undergoing mental health counseling can be an awakening experience that offers key insights into our own mentality and conditions. By taking a deep dive into our problems, conflicts, obstacles, and fears, we can better understand the struggles that we are facing.

Feelings of discontentment and unhappiness do not have to be the norm. Frequent conflict with important people in our lives does not have to be accepted. There is a better path forward and it is one that embraces motivation, commitment, and personal growth.

When it comes time to sign up for psychological help online, PsychotherapyHELP offers a range of winning therapeutic solutions to better match the needs, goals, and journeys of potential clients. As a Ph.D. with 40+ years of industry experience, Paul Hannig is uniquely qualified to help guide and support his clients through their journeys. After training as a psychology intern at Philadelphia State Hospital, Paul would go on to become the Assistant Director of Training at the same facility.

Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, meditation, life coaching, and deep feeling therapy to guide his clients to the solutions that best meet their needs. To learn more about this process and to undergo it for ourselves, potential clients need only reach out for an initial consultation with PsychotherapyHELP!

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