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Produced by Dr. Paul Hannig, "Feel Great" is the most most comprehensive DEEP TRANCE hypnosis program for relaxation and stress reduction available. You will feel physically relaxed, de-stressed, mentally focused, and able to relate more positively ... a truly remarkable "personal time out" from any type of physical, emotional and mental stress.


As well as daily usage, this hypnosis program can be used prior to all therapy sessions to de-stress and rebalance the neuro-biological system. Excellent for those with anxiety issues, lifestyle stress, personality disorders, muscular tension, over-thinking, etc. "Feel Great" is perfect for all issues in which calming and re-centering of mental, emotional, and physical systems are needed.  It is soothing, healing, and relaxing at the deepest unconscious levels.


Directions: use it daily and remain in the trance state for as long as you can, giving yourself additional suggestions that may come to mind. Recommended daily usage to start: 40 days and 40 nights. If you fall asleep, that is fine.


Hypnotic suggestions are clear and audible, not subliminal.


Important: Do not drive while listening to this product.

Feel Great: Ultimate Hypnosis Program to Relax & De-Stress (mp3)

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