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A profound and powerful book by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. describing a process that allows you to fully experience your real Self and create a happier, more integrated personal life.


Feeling People is an exciting and powerful excursion into the way deep core feeling can profoundly change and transform your life. The message in the book is clear: it is absolutely possible, through the feeling process, to reverse the effects of original pain and lead a fully integrated, successful and happy life with yourself and others.


Feeling People is an excursion into the Total Feeling Process, an in-depth and highly evolved psycho-therapy that works on pathology and encompasses your total history (past, present and future). It will lead you to explore long forgotten emotions and the depths of core identity. This total integration of connection to core being and identity is the purpose behind the Total Feeling Process, and the key to your personal success in life!





" The book focuses on deep-feeling, emotional release work in an atmosphere of support and love. Extensive coverage of pre- and peri-natal experiences and the role of love in the therapeutic process, with suggested guidelines for therapists. For those who want an overview of the feeling process, this book is the best description of transformations wrought by deep feeling work to date."
~ Terry Larimore, practicing therapist


" Excellent introductory book on feelings that corrects some of the earlier misconceptions about deep feeling work and finally brings the therapy up to date. In-depth presentation of case histories. Thorough examination of how buried and long forgotten emotions continually influence our present day lives. Profound deep transformative a much needed book in the field.
~ Michael Adzema, Editor of Aesthema, Santa Barbara, CA

Feeling People -- THE BOOK!

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