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It is hard to believe that millions of people get married every single day and very few have ever learned the fundamentals of marriage. It is common truth that you cannot master anything until you learn the basic fundamentals. Yet, in our culture, we do not provide an effective vehicle for coaching people on how to successfully navigate the mysterious waters of fulfilling, ecstatic marital relationships. We leave such matters to chance.


"Sizzling Relationships: the 401(k) of Love" is the definitive manual that takes the guesswork out of building and maintaining a sizzling relationship by providing very powerful and specific guidelines for its achievement. When was the last time you researched how to relate to your significant other, boss, child, or friend in a more productive, constructive way? That's why "Sizzling Relationships" was developed ... to teach you how to increase your capacity for intimacy, learn the basic tenets of a proactive and loving relationship, plus how to maintain/increase the "sizzle" in the one you already have. Take the plunge ... invest in yourself. Get the best time tested tools, techniques and knowledge to create the changes you want and maximize the return on your emotional investment. It's the best there is on the subject.

Sizzling Relationships: the 401(k) of Love (ebook)

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