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Grit and Your Internal Critic

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Inner Critic

I don't know about you, but I have an internal critic. He's a constant complainer. Have you ever wondered why people get married? Everyone needs someone else to complain to.

Some complaining is necessary. Complaining offers you the opportunity to solve a problem. However, that doesn't work for some people who may still be nursing a neurosis. They just complain for the sake of complaining and never reach a resolution to their complaints.

So, it seems that a certain amount of complaining is absolutely necessary for effective problem solving. That's why you have an internal critic. But, that critic has an ally and that ally is Grit. Without grit, you can't accomplish anything.

You say that you have passion. When You combine Your passion with grit, you have the most magnificent creativity.

Your internal critic may drive you crazy. But, your grit and your passion can pull you out of your complaining and put you into the realm of creativity. There may be a mental stream of "no's" that try to cut you down to size, BUT if you are completely passionate about making something happen, your grit can take you there.

Beware of the Internal Naysayers: Take Action

There are a lot of naysayers. Some of them are in your own mind. That means that you believe that you don't have the power to make something happen. Well, you can turn that around if you fire up your grit and you grit up your fire with passion

Take action and believe in what you are doing and where you are going. The obstacles may be great, but you were put on this planet to face obstacles and dissolve them. You need to have the grit and passion to smash through your obstacles and get to where you want to believe in what you are doing and where you are going. Yes ... grit up and take action.

There are times when everything goes wrong. Expect it. Nothing goes as smoothly as you would like it to be. Fix it ... Fix it and learn from it. You can't get anywhere unless you're willing to experiment and test things out. No great accomplishments and discoveries have ever been made without a lot of naysayers and failures along the way.

"Ramp it up. Move past your internal critic.

Shut down your naysayer and don't let anything stop you, especially yourself."

I don't care what it is. You were put here to accomplish something great. You may have already created many things that are great, so that's been done. Now it's time to move on to something even greater.

Break out the grit. Flood yourself with passion. Let your creativity and action take you forward to a whole new realm of what others considered inconceivable and impossible. You can raise the dead, especially the dead inside of you.

Anything and everything is possible. See you on the other side of you. :)


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