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Are These Values Lost: Non-Violence, Honesty, Openness, Compassion?

by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.

Where Have Some of our Basic Values Gone?

You and I live in a country and a time when violence and aggression are real problems. The Happiness quotient of the United States is slowly declining and each one of us can do something about it. I am not talking about some grandiose idea of one person changing the whole world even though we all may have a little bit of Messiah inside of us. However, we as individuals are capable of examining and changing ourselves from the inside out. Let's start simple: Every one of us has a value system. Most people are not even conscious of their value system. I am going to give you a brief summary of some values that you can contemplate, meditate and think seriously about. Honesty And Openness: Years ago, the human potential movement initiated a movement towards more openness and honesty. It was an attempt to get people motivated to engage in deep personal growth. This value of honesty and openness changed many lives. It did not eliminate every problem that each person had to face, but it transformed lives and helped push people to higher states of consciousness. If you want a more honest and open lifestyle, be prepared to work one small step at a time towards that goal. This is a lifetime project. Personally, I could have not done it, without the passionate help of a great mentor and teacher and I recommend finding one for yourself. Non-Violence: I don't have to tell you how violence is present and prevalent in everyone's life and is a scourge throughout the entire planet. You may have been in a situation, where you were involved with someone or something, where violence reared its ugly head. I am not saying that you should not be able to protect yourself. Guns are not the problem. They are just the symptom. If you passionately engage in a self-discovery effort where you can eliminate all your triggers towards violence, you can lead a much more substantial life.

Take violence out of your life. Resolve to work on yourself and create more peace and love in your soul and your heart. If you find yourself in any kind of situation that involves the potential possibility of violence, become non-reactive and remove yourself from that situation. It is really okay to say, "I am angry and I feel hurt." You may even practice visualizing Mahatma Gandi exercising his "non-violence" spirit as a symbol for your personal growth. Compassion: Compassion is moving out your own ego states and into the feelings of other people. That's not easy. It involves a huge switch and a huge shift from being consumed with yourself, to experiencing the feelings and pain of others. It's about getting along with other people and seeking compatibility and connection. If you worship money, you may neglect your own personal soul growth. Your real treasure and wealth lies deep within you. Do you have a daily practice, such as meditation, prayer, hypnosis etc. where you can encourage compassion, transcendence and extremely positive soulful feelings? You are love. You possess the Divine godly spirit deep within you. The Universe was and is created in love, by love and for love. When you lose your inner sense of love, compassion disappears. Without compassion, trouble is on the horizon. Passion: You have a choice. Right now, make the decision to tap into and go inside and connect with your passion. It's right there in your soul and your heart. It is not a material thing. It is a state of being that is filled with incredible quantum energy. It's intended for good. Define your passion. Ask yourself great questions every single day. Commit yourself to doing at least one great thing every single day. Put passion on the top of your list. Make decisions about where you will apply your passion. It is not easy to cover every area of your life. It may help, in your development of passion, to become aware of what areas of your life that may have or are being neglected. Self-discovery and self-exploration are there for you, if you decide to take the greatest trip of your life. The Third Chakra Energy system contains power, located in your solar plexus. When you combine this energy center with your heart love center, you have an unbeatable integration of passion. Activate your laser beam focus and direct your passion to those people, activities and purposes that you are designed to fulfill. You have a mission in life. Focus your soul power on that purpose and that mission. You have many gifts and talents. Work each one of those gifts and talents as they present themselves. You may have many things and obstacles that try to stand in the way of you activating your passion. But, that's the point. Even with your deficits and your obstacles, you are still designed to explode your passion forward. It is never too late and you are never too old or too young. Get going and move forward!


Sometimes there is no easy way to navigate what is happening in your life. If you find yourself in difficult situations more often than you like, contact us to schedule an appointment. I have the tools and strategies that will help you recognize those types of conversations and navigate them with confidence and ease. Teletherapy sessions are available as well as our library of life enhancing ebooks and media programs to use daily to reduce stress, maximize options, strengthen relationships, and create joy in your life. Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. LMFT


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