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Stuck? Realization is the Key!

Definition of Realization: "an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact."

Some Synonyms: "Awareness" "Understanding" "Consciousness" "Comprehension"

At any given time in your life, there is always the possibility of feeling "stuck". It is perfectly natural and human to be "stuck" at certain points in your life and it's okay to stop for a moment and acknowledge it. In fact, I recommend it. Perhaps it's a weight loss program, relationship skills enhancement, emotional and mental health development, professional career ... it does not matter. Being stuck requires action and action needs the lightning striking power of REALIZATION. Without the realization of what you are doing that keeps you stuck and constantly ruminating about all the elements of your "stuckness", you will stay stuck!

When the thunderstorm and lightning of realization hits you, say "Hello" to the realization of what change you have to initiate in order to move on, up and out.

I know that it is easy to get lost and caught up in present life circumstances. However, when you least expect it, Realization can hit you like a bolt out of the blue. It is then, at that point, that you will understand, be aware of, be conscious of, and comprehend what effective behavioral changes must take place in order or you to keep rolling on to your your optimum goal and destination.

The Destructive Power of Quicksand

Real quicksand is deadly. It will suck you in and suffocate you to death. So, can emotional quicksand. I guarantee you that whenever and wherever you are stuck in quicksand, you are still repeating and perpetuating old and worn out, destructive behavioral habits and patterns. These habits are hard to break because they are so comfortable and pleasurable. But, in the long run, they have to be sacrificed to the gods of self-indulgence and eliminated as elements that are keeping you "stuck".

Try an experiment: pinpoint and eliminate the destructive element that keeps you in quicksand and put something constructive and growthful in its place. I guarantee that you will pull yourself out of quicksand and pull yourself closer to your ideal destination. What have you got to lose? It's worth trying ...

The Power of Life Coaching and Therapy

I understand that quicksand situations can be difficult to change. As a therapist, I know that and, as I tell my clients, you are not alone. Here's what I suggest: take a quick inventory of your present life circumstances and if the above message rings a bell, then consider getting the powerful input of a coaching strategist. A coach can help you to see and acknowledge how you create your quicksand. We, as coaches and therapists, can help you tap into that universal cosmic pool of consciousness and knowledge that will provide you with the answers and solutions to your present dilemma.

It isn't really that difficult to makes changes. Sometimes, all that you need are some slight adjustments in your thinking, attitude and behavior. Remember, you cannot solve present difficulties with strategies that only work up to a certain point. Great changes usually occur by implementing many small and strategically timed interventions and adjustments. We can help you discover what adjustments and interventions are emotionally and spiritually suitable for you.

The power to change is all there within you and we can help you bring that out. Teletherapy sessions are available, so please contact me through my website at Email me as well at #psychotherapyhelp #paulhannigphd


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